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Week 35 - Add note on Lead Capture App


Add note on Lead Capture App

We are excited to announce the release of the new Add Note capability in the Lead Capture App! This feature allows sales reps to add custom notes for each lead directly within the app. Reps can now supplement captured lead info with additional context, details, reminders, and more by adding text notes.

The ability to add notes for each lead provides several advantages:

  • Context - Notes allow sales reps to capture extra details and context during lead collection. This supplementary information can help jog their memory later when following up on the lead.

  • Customization - Notes give reps the flexibility to record customized information that may be relevant for that particular lead, beyond just the standard lead info fields.

  • Prioritization - Notes can highlight key points that help reps prioritize and focus on the hottest, most promising leads when going through their list.

  • Collaboration - Shared notes ensure the entire sales team has visibility into any extra context about a lead as they collaborate on follow up.

  • Historical record - Over time, notes create a running commentary that serves as a historical record on interactions with the lead. This helps new reps get up to speed when taking over.

  • Reporting - Managers can analyze notes across leads to identify trends, common pain points, competitive intel, etc that can inform wider strategy.

In summary, the ability to add open-ended notes directly in the Lead Capture App allows sales reps to capture valuable context that ensures higher quality follow up. The notes also create transparency and provide an ongoing reference point throughout the sales process. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!


Default customizable registration forms save time and effort

Event creation now automatically generates a customizable default registration form so you can hit the ground running. No need to build from scratch! Simply revise and tweak the default form to your needs, removing or adding any questions with a few clicks. Alternatively, create additional registration forms for different groups of attendees.

Either way, our smart templates and flexible customization will save you time, effort, and guesswork while following registration form best practices for collecting complete attendee data. Your events and attendees will benefit!

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